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The blog we never wanted to write.

On behalf of her friends that have helped with this blog, I am heartbroken to share that Amber passed away peacefully on Friday afternoon.

One of Amber's phenomenal talents was to connect people from all over the world for good, inspiring thousands through her unique perspective on life and her ability to enjoy every second she had - bringing so much joy to so many of us along the way.

We are heartbroken she is no longer with us, but she lives on in us all and in her beautiful family and her boys.

There are so many of you out there that share our pain and so many have reached out wanting to help, to do something, to contribute and many have asked about a fundraiser so we can pool some money together for Nick to make spectacular memories with Aubrey, River and Remy.

With the permission of Amber's family we have created a fundraiser. There is no pressure to donate, but of course if it helps you feel like you are helping, then please feel free to get involved.

We know that your messages of support and your love will be something for everyone to look back on in the future, when the boys are older and for Nick to take comfort from.

Please feel free to share your beautiful memories and anecdotes so we have a wall of powerful love to combat our sadness.

With love - to everyone who loves Amber, from everyone who loves Amber x

Donate now.

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