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A personal message from me.

A lot of you will have seen my insta post a couple of weeks ago about a health scare, well…. It’s still scary if I’m being honest! I’m going to work with my friends to make sure that we are able to keep you all updated with that’s happening going forward, I want to share my journey with you, because if anything can come from this moment in my life, perhaps it’s that I can help and inspire others - and it looks like we are just at the beginning. A few weeks ago I started having some pretty terrible headaches, I thought, oh you know, it’s stress, busy life, three beautiful darling (wild) boys, a wonderful partner who is changing the lives of young people through his fast-moving teaching career and a thriving business to build and grow - a business that is rooted in my passion and love for empowering women through clothing and the choices they make through ethical brands. The reality is, it turns out those headaches are a sign of something serious. More on that to come in future posts - but like I said, I did want to be open with you all - and right now, the next steps involve more test matches than a season of cricket. I promise to keep you posted. Lesson one… listen to your body if something doesn’t feel right, really listen and make others listen too. All of this also means that while I take a moment to step back and focus on getting better - and fast, my beautiful friends have teamed up to take India & Rar to the next level - so that none of you miss out on all my planning for the festive season and into the New Year (nothing gets in the way of getting dressed up for a party hey?)

It’s very important to me that you all know I’m feeling super positive and strong, so I look forward to being back at the helm soon. In the meantime, I’ll be sharing updates on what’s happening at India & Rar and how my health is progressing in my regular newsletters. You can sign up for my newsletter here to get first dibs on the action. I know that lots of you will want to message me, because you are all kind and absolutely incredible human beings - I’ve had 100’s of messages already - which is utterly joyous! But with that outpouring of love actually comes a rather hot phone, so do forgive me if I don’t reply as fast as normal, or I lose your message in the masses (I feel so very, very blessed to have you all in my life). The I&R Insta account is being managed so do feel free to message the team on there! As we all know, well behaved women rarely make history, and I can tell you now, the women who have got my back right now, steering I&R are some of my most mischievous, so I hope that you enjoy what’s to come and that you enjoy what we have for you all. So much love to you all,

Amber x

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